Sunday, December 1, 2019

Lexicus Press is delighted to announce publication of

Frankish Splendor and Valor in Celtic Europe
Hidden Women Series #3, 
a study of women from the gilded pre-Christian era to vilification.

The 3rd in the Hidden Women series, Frankish Splendor and Valor in Celtic Europe, traces the Franks, a leading Celtic family, from the gilded era of wealth and technological advancement in pre-Christian Europe.  The role of the women in Europe has swung dramatically since the Iron Age - from abbesses in illustrious learning centers to refugees in a continent under siege.  Through discoveries in archaeology, law, art and literature, a more accurate picture of the past is emerging to explain this change.  
The author’s on-going study relies on independently verifiable evidence and on-site investigation for a multi-disciplinary analysis.  Since conquerors’ objectives have dictated much of Europe’s written record, the victors' version of history is not taken at face value.