Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Donor Spotlight: Blair and Jacqui Stewart

Alumni and Stanford parents Blair W. Stewart, Jr. (JD ’75) and Jacqueline Widmar Stewart (JD ’76) regularly attend library events and support the Art & Architecture Library annually. In this interview, they graciously share their thoughts and experiences. The first-person responses are those of Jacqui, who is also an accomplished author and photographer.

From ReMix:  The Stanford University Libraries Newsletter, 
September 2015 - Issue 92

What is your history with libraries?

The long staircase leading up to the mansion where my mother took me as a child still symbolizes the grandeur of libraries for me. Nothing seemed more a pilgrimage than a visit to the Michigan City library seven miles from our lakeside home in Indiana. From the first step into the building, bright book jackets and titles warmly welcomed all who entered; tables and chairs invited complete immersion into a tall stack of choice books.

Within the vastness of universities I later found the library to be my niche, a second home. At the Colorado and Yale libraries, my supervisors soon proved to be learned friends and instructors. More recently my writing has brought me through the portals of phenomenal places and to a renewed appreciation of library legacies like Andrew Carnegie’s 2500. My Champagne Regained book led me to his art deco marvel at Reims, as one example.

Now a mere bike’s ride away, Stanford’s Library beckons with its great trove of specialists and tomes. We readily lose ourselves in the shelves and shelves of knowledge within such quick grasp, and, like a madeleine, Green’s grand escalier ever induces warm remembrance.

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