Monday, March 29, 2021

Mythical phantoms have plagued women needlessly for the past 2000 years. Only by confronting these fabricated specters can the world finally break free and regain inclusivity, with prosperity open for all.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Christianity is a feudal master-servant system that glorifies men and denigrates women. Christianity's white male elites strive to destroy fair governance, using terrorism, atrocity and relaying threats from unseen male-only gods. Catholic Priest William Kosco in Buckeye, AZ tell parishioners that Joe Biden’s “ideas are not welcome here...Would you give him communion? No. Over my dead body. Not until he repents.”

Monday, February 22, 2021

HALLSTATT'S WARRIOR WOMEN We've uncovered riches about our shared past and we've anxious to show you our findings. Let me fill in some background, if I could. After revising my Finding Slovenia book. Recently I found correlations in Austria too. We hope that you can see what we see. In a nutshell, I found golden portrayals of women, done in the Celtic way of honoring heroes. We actually had to redo this film as the path unfolded. I took another look at photos from a couple years ago and saw the sword. Witch trials. I hadn’t even noticed the sword when I took the picture and I wouldn’t have thought of witch trials without seeing the memorial in Slovenia. Salzburg witch trials – the medieval seat of Bishops of Salzburg who took over Slovenian lands. Salt. The Salzkammergut. Fabulous pre-Christian wealth in this natural trove of iron and salt.. Put one clue on top of the other. Christianity recognizes only male gods. A church named after a woman with a gilded interior that exalts women – really? It is surely a Celtic fest hall despite the overlay of clergy and crucifixes. Now, in two striking instances we have seen heroes halls link to women burned as witches. These tributes are magnificent, both in painting and sculpture. Vivid colors, precisely decorated pillars and exquisitely intricate framing techniques interweave strands in characteristic Celtic styles. Here again in both Slovenia and Austria, as we’ve seen repeatedly across Europe, the way to survive Christian censorship is to add Christian elements. But just look at the overall context of these exquisitely rendered tableaux. They speak loud and clear: Celtic veneration. 
 Blank out religious fictions. Rely on your own eyes and knowledge. Then light will flood darkness to show A fabled ancestral world. Raise a glass to the keepers of the flame – May we do as well in protecting our family and lands. All best from Jacqui and Blair

Tuesday, February 2, 2021




A finely carved book cover may portray a famous European family while shining a wondrous new light on ages long disregarded as too dark to notice.

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Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Riches of Inclusivity

As an antidote to exclusivity and intolerance, the riches of inclusivity summon like a familiar mirage. Fully embracing a fair society means confronting the vagaries of the past square-on, without turning away. Though far from an easy task, the gains to be won can bring prosperity and freedom for all.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

As we isolate for the holidays, we'd like to share some delightful insights that we gained while working on the Parks and Gardens in Greater Paris book.   Because we filmed the book several times, we came to know places better than we would have otherwise.  We particularly loved the area of Fontainebleau - and I've tried to show you a little bit of the reason for that in this 4-minute clip. 

A favored place for millennia, Milly-la-ForĂȘt memorializes its past by preserving historic edifices and maintaining a flourishing commerce in medicinal and culinary plants. Neighboring Fontainebleau became the first National Forest in the world thanks to artists who successfully petitioned NapolĂ©on III with their painted tributes to its natural beauty. These south-of-Paris woodlands also give rare views into Europe’s hidden past.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Charlemagne from Paris to Prague
New Short Film